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>> greta: this is a fox news alert. three people are dead more than 130 injured after twin bombings here at the boston marathon two. explosions just seconds apart knocking runners off their feet and tonight... the fbi taking a lead on the search for those responsible
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for the horrific crime. we're live in boston, massachusetts, and fox news is here we're joined by rick leventhal. rick you had a chance to talk to witnesses. tell me what they said. >> everyone is describing this as horrific including a trauma surgeon. we can tell you that the fbi has taken the lead in this investigation. as they do in any case of suspected terrorism involving american lives. we can tell you the fbi evidence response team is at the location at the crime scene collecting every possible shred of evidence and will be there flute the night documenting every inch where those two blasts went off collecting every shred of what might be evidence so they can catch whoever is responsible. the fbi also reviewing
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surveillance video to determine if there images of the potential bomber or bombers. there are reports a possible person of interest is in a hospital here in the area reported as a saudi national, a young man who according to some reports has been questioned and is being cooperative with investigators. we can't confirm that in a news conference, the governor and other officials said they could not and would not say that there were any suspects in custody. of course these blasts happened well after the race had started and well after the winners crossed the line. roughly 27,000 signed up to run in this race. we're told 23,000 started the race. 17,000 of the people had finished. when these blasts went off. the crowds had thinned at the finish line. that may have spared lives but as reported at least three people have been killed. more than 140 have been treated in area hospitals. 100 still in the hospital
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tonight. 15 said to be in critical condition at least 10 people lost limbs in these explosions and many more have been scarred for live. again, the fbi has the lead in this investigation and they're asking for anyone with information to call them. their number 1-800-call-fbi the investigation will go on for some time to come. >> if you're there today, the marathon and took video on your cell phone just take a look and see if there is anything unusual. the sfib looking for tips and you never know who might have a tip on camera. rick, thank you very much. >> sure. >> greta: joining us is someone running in the marathon today joining us by phone. where were you when the bomb went off? >> roughly a quarter mile from the finish line where the bombs went off. changing out of my
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running -- sorry. go on? >> greta: sorry. i'm sorry. >> i was in a tent changing out of my running clothes and that is when i heard the explosion. >> greta: did you stick your head out of the tent and look ash around? >> i did. i did not notice anything unusual but then there, was a second explosion. >> greta: about how long did it seem between first and second? i'm curious someone on the ground what it seemed like. >> it seems like it was a minute or two. but i -- in the video myself it seems shorter. >> greta: did you have a sense of fear there might be another one going off? did you worry whether there is one closer to you? >> not necessarily but when i changed my clothes and left
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the tent i noticed there was a crowd of people running away from the finish line. and in a sense of panic. and at this point i started worrying for myself. the panic subsided within a few minutes. >> greta: what did you do then? you left the tent. what did you do after that? >> after the panic subsided i went back onto the street which is where the finish line was looked down towards the finish line. i can see smoke. there was no sign of debris o or -- rubble from a building. i thought it wasn't a search and rescue mission that needed help so i decided to leave the area. >> greta: where there announcements made? any people running the marathon at the area post finish line any announcements being made? anyone saying anything? taking command? >> there were indications of
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an explosion at that point. and people thinking there was a bomb but that early after the event it was -- it was, you know the level of rumors. it wasn't until i heard news reports it was a bomb. >> greta: what are your thoughts reflecting back on today. anyone who runs in a marathon is a serious runner enjoying being outdoors and running the course z having people cheer and now, what is it for you? >> well... you know, i'll say i'm part of a special community of runners and we really cherish the boston marathon. it's one with tough qualifying standards and a storied history. to think someone wanted to wreak havoc on a day like this
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is just despicable in my opinion. on the other hand if they think they're going to really shake the resolve of community then, they're wrong. there are runners i know who will not be afraid to sign up for another race. >> greta: sismt na, thanks for joining us. >> thank you, greta. >> greta: reporter sarah jacobby was covering the marathon for "the patch". nice to see you. >> hi. >> greta: sarah, where were you at the time of the explosion? >> i was at the kenmore square area and wrapping up and going to go up load photos, all of a sudden we heard explosion soy jumped on the bike and just high tailed it down there so see what the screen was.
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it was a frenzy down there. >> greta: how far were you? >> a mile, 25. so a mile away. >> greta: you can hear it a mile way? >> no. no i i got a text. get down there. so, i got down there. >> greta: what did you see down there? >> i saw a lot of people searching just trying to find loved ones and people trying to call people on the phone. but people's service wasn't working and it was jammed down there. and you know police were yelling at people to get out of the area evacuating two blocks from the street down past newbury street then ended up pushing you can back. police saying stay off the cell phones. it could trigger another device. they were worried about getting everybody out of the area and naturally people were trying to get back up there trying to get their stuff trying to find friends at the finnin line so it was panic
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down there. >> greta: how long were you down there? >> down there all day. so from about 3:00 to maybe around 6:00. >> greta: were you worried there would be another bomb? they were staggered so there is a fear another one? >> i wasn't until police were shouting to get off the phone because it could trigger another bomb. at this point i put my phone away. i was just there to do my skbrob try to get information out to people. i any a lot of people were scared and concerned so i wanted to get accurate information out there. >> greta: are you taking a ride to take a look down there? i realize you can only get so close but one area you can see yellow bags where runners couldn't pick up things? >> yeah. diget down there at 5:30 it's a ghost town down there aside from police and fire engines. there wasn't anyone aloud near the area i was eerie seeing it
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on a marathon monday in that condition. >> greta: have you ever seen a marathon before? >> yes this, is probably my tenth marathon monday. it's always wonderful day here. it's a state holiday people are getting out there to show their respect for runners and to see it end up like this is really sad. >> greta: now, what happens? >> now, i think it's up to police officials to figure out what happened. and you know, bring people adjust -- to justice, it's up to the city of boston reach out to people injured and do what we can to help them. now. >> greta: have you talked to runners? >> no. i haven't spoken to any runners myself, personally. >> greta: it's sort of tragic going down there to look around and see the debris field.
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people are physically upset by this but it's unbelievable you know how this city has just been turned upside down. >> yes. it's ear are eerie watching people looking for belongings and their loved ones and my phone died. it was letting people use to it contact loved ones. so... yeah. >> greta: sarah, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> greta: fbi teeming with police to track down those responsible for the bombing. so what are investigators looking for? a retired fbi agent joins us by phone. jeff, tell me what. does the fbi do now? >> they have to determine who could have done this? who would have done it? domestic terrorism or international terrorism. they're going to look. >> greta: i don't hear jeff.
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somehowlike i'm lucky enough to get the hear control room talking here at fox but i can't hear jeff. >> hello? >> greta: jeff? >> yes. i'm here, hi, greta. >> greta: oh, hi. what do bomb people do now? >> bomb people looking for fragments of the bomb trying to piece it together to lead them to where that material was purchased. you know, look. the pan am 103 bombing was solved based on material smaller than a finger nail. the bomb may have been destroyed, the ied device they're going to take a look for more fragments and they'll look at surveillance tape talking to witnesses trying to figure out who is in the area at this point when the bombs were placed in the locations. >> greta: do you this they do reverse engineering on the bomb parts as that they
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collect? >> people that do bomb investigations, the atf, fbi are experienced and they've seen lots of bombs over the years. the benefit of having, if there is a benefit to having a war the ied devices we've had in iraq and afghanistan have got a lot of experience because they've been studying those. they know what they're made of they know what those little fragments were composed of originally. where they came from. so they will be able to piece that together. then you go to the point where it's purchased and where it came from. where it was purchased. and then, you just follow back like following a cast. only this time, the equipment used and materials used to make a bomb. >> greta: how can you find out? if it's blown up, how do you find out where pieces were purchased? >> well, you know they'll be tiny pieces there. they might not able to put it
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back together but will be able to likely now we're, i'm talking optimisticly, likely put together at least enough of a signature to see what pieces, where they came from. originally. like i said pan am 103, finger nail-sized piece tracked down the bomb that brought down an airliner. they're going to take a look at witnesses, witness statements and the surveillance video. they've been looking at any type of information coming in beforehand, intelligence that other people know about what happened. and it's not-probably not just one person that knows about this. so other people have knowledge and they'll be trying through sources to figure out who that might be just from the intelligence gathering standpoint. >> greta: how about one exploded and seconds later a second one. does that suggest it was
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staggered? this is a timing device? if there was a cell phone? is there anything you can glean from that? is that just speculation? >> really don't know at this point. i don't think that has meaning at this point in time. they probably -- my guess would with they wanted the bombs to go off as closely in time as possible to do the most damage ask have most people affected by that rather than have people clearing the area that, owe wo lead one to believe it's dprun a device that triggered it which would be likely a cell phone. they allow to you get a good distance from the bomb itself sou don't have to be close by. so timing my guess is that they wanted it to go off close to the time. but it wasn't exact for them. >> greta: would you say not close by, they can do it from, you know, two cities over?
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you know, could you that remote? any place? >> it could be the other side of the world. as long as you have the cell phone network and number to call. you call the number and that causes a bomb to go off. as long as connected to a network yeah. you can be in china. >> i suppose, i suspect that cell phone might be able to be tracked down? right? >> yes that. would be optimistic if it wasn't one tossed away. to track the phones they're used by drug dealers to avoid suspension. anyone with smarts would have had one of those and be hard to track down. >> how sophisticated is this set up?
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we don't know it is at this point. it seems sophisticated to me but i don't make bombs. >> it works explosive component there is a timing device. there is a detonating device. and in this case, if it is a cell phone one of the theories of course if it is a cell phone detonating device all that is the electrical charge causing detonation. so you call a cell phone, ringer goes off. ringer wire is attached to the bomb that. is what makes it go off. it's simple and pure electrical no big deal. the phone used to make the detonation. >> greta: jeff, thank you. >> you're welcome, greta. >> greta: we've been noting for an hour and a half three
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people are confirmed dead and 130 injured. the pair of blasts sending the marathon into chaos. police updating the situation. >> cowardly act will not be taken within stride we'll turn every rock over to find the people responsible for this. we're working with my partner and the police department has been on the scene since this happened. there has been a horrendous loss of life. at least three people have died in this event. but this -- the number of injuries and people injured is an unfolding issue right now. we'll not have hard figures on that until tomorrow morning. very early in the investigation. tomorrow is a governor said we'll not be business as usual in boston. we're working 12 hour shifts and there will be a police presence throughout the city. please give us space around
8:19 pm
the area as we process this scene. again if there are pieces of evidence or photos from the incident getting thes to the tip lines they're now in charge of the investigation because of the nature of the investigation. as well as boston police department. >> we're working with the families right now. that the governor fielded many calls of concern. we're going through those now. >> for more on the investigation fox news chief intelligence correspondent joins us live. they have what? a perfect of -- that they're talking to, interested in talking to? >> that is right. they're describing this person as a person of interest federal source confirming to fox this individual is a saudi
8:20 pm
national between ages of 21 years of age they're here on a student seriesa. this name is not a name after this run has popped up on any of the terrorism watch lists but we're told is that they're looking to see whether this person is in compliance with student visa in this country. in other words once getting that visa you're expected to enroll in an educational institution. it was pointed out to us the resources to do follow up with individuals but that is being run down tonight this, is just one of the leads being followed up with at this time. a saudi national being questioned here on a student seriesa. they're trying to work out if there is anything more to it than that. important developments worth mentioning one is that the national countser terrorism group that was set up after september 11th to assess
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threats against the united states to determine whether they're credible or not will be briefing members of the house intelligence committee tomorrow morning here in washington then we anticipate later today senate intelligence committee. late today the chairman, chair woman of the committee dianne feinstein coming out and describing what happened in boston as terrorism what. is typical in situations like this is that there are a series of briefings to the leaders to the various congressional committees. republican congressman mike mccall told fox the initial reporting he was receiving is that there was shrapnel ball bearings in this case in the devices there began to be more evidence they were designed to create maximum casualties as we saw today, greta. >> greta: there are lots of
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saudi nationals in this country. why is this one tapped into their interest? what about this one? >> i can't go beyond what i know from reporting but just the basics of the individual, 20, 21 years of age here just running down details to see if there is anything more to build on but there are multiple leads they're running down at this point. the other thing i would mention and this is based on conversation with someone who work was the fbi and worked on one of these this is a group leading the investigation in boston. is one of the questions that is going to have to be answered is if these bombs were found in trash cans where y.they were there because what law enforcement knows is that
8:23 pm
the end of the events or a large parade like macy's thanksgiving day parade is the highest risk point of the event because it's a choke point. you have the highest concentration of people. if this is the case if they were found in the trash cans why the trash cans were there and if this reflects a sense that there is a certain amount of i don't want to say complacency, but what were they doing there? in fact? to hold those devices? >> we're getting a lot of information passed around. one information is that feds are searching an apartment in refer, massachusetts. i'm in the going give you at dress but we're told that this investigation is now at least
8:24 pm
in part -- . >> yes. it's part and parcel of leads they're going to be running down this evening. one guest talked about the surveillance video. we've got a dynamic situation where you have said to us fox news is a cameraed -- boston is a cameraed city and you're able to marry that with the visuals that individuals who -- spectators become witnesses to what happened today you're able to marry that up. so it's a force multiplyer but again you're going to see, you're going to see several leads done down throughout the evening. we've had to report on raid but we don't have independent investigation as to how significant that raid may be. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. >>. >> greta: many runners just
8:25 pm
crossing the lines when the bombs went off. "wall street journal" reporter colleen mccain nelson waunz of them and she joins us. what a day. >> it was an up believable day. i just crossed the finish line trying to get a bottle water get a medal. hadn't made it too far past when i heard the first explosion. >> greta: how far was it from you? you may have been the closest to anyone we've spoken to. >> about a block away. i heard the first explosion. everyone paused just a moment. nobody was sure what's happening. so i kept walking and there was another explosion and people started to panic and say is that a bomb? what's happening? >> greta: people said they can feel the thrust of it. >> you can feel something happened someone said maybe
8:26 pm
it's a construction site nearby. maybe a crane had fallen. nobody could wrap their head around what's happening but quickly we heard sirens and another runner said something has gone terribly wrong. >> greta: what did you do? >> i wanted to help but knew being part of the crowd probably wasn't that helpful. and quickly volunteers said you need to get out of here, please leave the area. they started to clear the area quickly. and so we started making our way away from the site just tried to not cause problems. >> greta: i imagine as soon as the bomb goes off and when you realize it was a bomb do people linger? >> i don't feel like people felt they can run at this point they just ran 26.2 miles,
8:27 pm
people were shuffling along but no one was sure what's happening and so there was a lot of confusion. and as we heard more and more sirens people became panic bud it seems inconceiveable it may be a bomb. >> i couldn't see the people. i was about a block away. so, i could hear some screams and hear something was happening that wasn't right i couldn't see what was happening. >> greta: did you fear another bomb? if they were staggered? one two,. i'd be -- i think, now i think would i think there would be another one? >> right. it wasn't clear fit was over. and i started to make my way towards the subway. police officers were outside saying look for sus spishus packages and unattended bags and it started to set n maybe this wasn't over maybe something else was coming. >> did you get on the assault and battery subway?
8:28 pm
>> i hailed a cab. >> greta: i probably won't have gone on a subway. >> we didn't know it was a bomb just confused and just trying to get out of there. quickly as we could. there weren't cabs nearby. so we were just trying to find an escape route at this point. >> greta: you're very luck eye. it's been a grim day for people. >> i feel very fortunate and heart broken for everyone injured and families of t deceased. >> greta: thanks for joining us. >> dr. michael bodden joins us. dr. bodden, with the investigation the bombing investigation getting so grim for many people, i'm curious what do you think this is? we're going to take a break. we'll be right back. all stations come over to mission a for a final go.
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rify and lock. command is locked. five seconds. three, two, one. standing by for capture. the most innovative software on the planet... dragon is captured. is connecting today's leading companies to places beyond it. siemens. answers. >> greta: runners stunned by bombings are just trying to get out of boston. griff what did the runners say? >> this race as any marathon runner, it's physically grueling and physically. so when i landed here people were devastated trying to work throughout what happened. we've seen the video now. it's tremendous, two runners
8:33 pm
trying to pros pro ses what happened earlier. take a look. >> there is no appropriate place for anything like this to happen. but in boston mayorra snon it's probably the least likely place i can think of. they weren't family members just kids lives usually just so happy go lucky. the greatest city to be young in the world. and people were trying to accomplish and all of a sudden their world is different. anything than they can imagine they'll never feel safe again. everything they do has changed.
8:34 pm
>> greta the thing i heard was the defiant american spirit. runners said if they have this race again next year i'm coming back to show whoever did this you won't scare me away. it's an american spirit sort of this. >> greta: i'm glad they have a spirit like that. we all come through this with different emotion i'm so focused and angry at what happened. they ruined this for these runners and i'm glad runners are so ambitious but three dead people, people with missing limbs and some unbelievably cruel setting off bombs on what was a beautiful day for runners near boston. >> for many people particularly on a race like this, i've run a few. these are the best of the best. i can never qualify for this
8:35 pm
race. this is the marathon in the country for them, this was their christmas this, was their, you know, new year's day, most special event. now it's been taken from them in what would otherwise be. >> greta: kids were there trying to cheer them on. their families. it was like, it was, you know wasn't just runners. >> that is correct. there are sacrifices made. let mom train for this and hours, time spent coming here they've invested not just their physical efforts but their money and when they have an event like this, just sort of torn apart then, it takes everything and just spoiled it. and people will begin and if you watch the scene from
8:36 pm
videos we're getting access to now and talking to law enforcement here around the race course and volunteers it's going to have wide spread casualties for people here. >> we're looking at the video. information is that tonight an apartment is being searched in refer, massachusetts this is an unbelievably active investigation. they've got a lot of police around this story. they've got bomb experts trauma surgeons have police standing by. anything taken out of the bodies will be surrendered to authorities so they can try to track down the bomb there is a lot going on. this is besides just the video. we don't have video of the police combing debris scene this, is a 26 mile crime scene they're looking for clues and videos this is such an aggressive investigation tonight. >> that is correct z you know,
8:37 pm
this event with tens of thousands of volunteers to help to do water stations there are 26 investigations. so it -- if there are people sus spishus they were staking it out. maybe choosing points there will be someone that saw that. that is what law enforcement needs to focus on. there are supporters this is boston. if someone is acting funny, their going to know. >> thank you. >> greta: now to dr. bodden. back to what the police are looking for. in the aftermath of the bombing as they comb the immediate debris field. and farther down the path what. do you think they're looking for? >> now, they're tracking hundreds of leads that have been called in because someone
8:38 pm
saw something, they'll be taking whatever materials from the field that might be part of a bomb device together with materials from surgeries tomorrow. and from first thing they'd do is identify bodies and take x rays of the dedeedent dedeedents -- deseedents and removing them, bringing that over to the crime lab. they're going to have -- they don't have to have the whole wirks only a little bit of wire, only from a little bit they can tell whot manufacture was, where waits sold in boston. they'll be finding a treasure trove of material in those fragments and a agree. they're now -- security cameras in this area where the
8:39 pm
bombs went off will be a particular interest. that takes a long time to view. and the police are looking at those right now. and there is going to be nonstop until getting some definite leads owes to who. usually these bombers we've had in civilian live. we've had people over the years the usually they're loners. in this instance, it may be more than one person to be able to set these around even garbage pails security cameras tell you who throws things into the garbage pails too. they're going to be working and have a lot of sleepness nights to get something definite. >> greta: i think this might be a good time to give a shout out to medical people here tonight.
8:40 pm
we've seen trauma surgeon. he said he's been operating since 8:00 this morning. and it's nurses and first responders i mean this has been, they don't stop for one second to save lives do, they? >> no. they train for this. and have have seen individuals crush bid cars and now, they have so -- they know that it's not a 9:00 to 5:00 job they've got to be around 24, 36 hours with adrenaline going they'll do a great job. and the first hour and then, 15th hour they're going to save a lot of lives. >> greta: it's too bad we
8:41 pm
don't get to meet them. we get to meet a few of them. >> they're working. >> greta: there are thousands of them. >> i know. it's thousands we don't see who may be getting drug frtz pharmacy to a hospital room. everyone of those, they're working tonight to save lives and help people feel more comfortable. >> drinking lots of coffee in those hospitals now. >> greta: inside lots of coffee tonight. and all of this without complaining. >> that is what doctors are supposed to do and nurses. >> greta: and first responders anyone just standing around, helping. >> right. >> greta: indied. >> dr. bodden, thank you sir. >> you too, have more coffee, greta. >> greta: indeed. >> straight ahead dozens of people still in the hospital tonight z thousands more dealing with very rattled
8:42 pm
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make no mistake we'll get to the bottom of this and find out who did this and why they did this, any responsible individuals or groups fillwill feel the weight of justice today is a holiday in massachusetts patriot's day.
8:46 pm
it's a day that celebrates the free and fiercely independent spirit that this great american city of boston reflected from earliest days of our nation a day draws the world to boston streets in a spirit and friendly competition. boston is a tough and resilient town. so are its people, i'm confident that bostonins will pull together take care of each other and move forward as a proud stism as they do, american people will be with them every step of the way. >> greta: a celebration turned into fear and panic. joe waiting for his wife when the bombs went off in boston. he joins us. joe tell me what it's like for you. tell me what you skmaerd saw. >> good evening, greta. ways on the south side of the street between finish line
8:47 pm
where the first bomb detonated and second bomb detonated. so when it first went off everyone thought it was ceremonial cannon or something like that. everyone thought it couldn't be a cannon. then, the second bomb detonated and everyone knew then something was going on. it was hard to keep everyone calm. we were in a kroufd probably 10-12 people deep, hundreds of people pressing together. so it was a controlled retreat from that area. >> greta: how far apart were two bombs? if you can tell? >> probably about 75 yard as part one was first bomb detonated to the east on and
8:48 pm
then second about 10 seconds later further down. towards the direction the race was coming from. >> greta: where was your wife at the time? >> she was about mile 24 we'd been tracking her all day z had gotten into position to see her cross and give her a lift home she was about mile 24 and i had a running text log and last text she was 2:42 this afternoon. first bomb went off at 2:49. i said i think there are bombs that went off. and she pulled up at about 26 miles called it a day. >> joe, well, i guess it was a lucky day for your family but
8:49 pm
what a terrible tragedy to watch. >> yes. my heart goes out to people who loved ones didn't come home tonight. we're lucky in that respect. >> greta: yes. i look at this at these horrible pictures i can't imagine what families are going through tonight who loved ones were killed or injured. >> yes. i know. and it can't say it enough. you know, high praise has to go out to organizers and first responders and trauma surgeons and people out all night tonight and tomorrow will be combing the crime scene. it was unbelievable and to see the organization and skill in which they pulled together was complimentry. >> greta: joe, thank you. >> greta, thank you, have a good night. >> greta: coming up, there was sheer panic a look at this deadly violence and how it unfolded next.
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>> greta: after the the boston marathon three people have died. more than 130 injured two bombs exploding only seconds apart sending the marathon into chaos, here is a look at how the deadly events unfolded today in boston. >> we'd just gotten word on two explosions near the finish line of the boston marathon.
8:54 pm
well as the flag flies we're listening to audio and seeing the video of first real indication we've gotten something bad happened. >> at this point in time, determine there was an explosion that occurred. >> they responded within 15 seconds we saw them coming down here. >> some patients received traumatic amputations at the scene. their legs have been blown off. >> you can give ideas security has been raised to a higher level. there is serious uniformed secret service officers i can see from here. >> officially now from the police department to two are
8:55 pm
dead. more than 20 injured. so those numbers are rising now and we are led to believe that the numbers will continue to rise. authorities confirmed two explosions did happen as a result of bombs in the early first few minutes the hope is that maybe twlaz a gas line or awful accident that went from a building to another this, was not an accident. someone set bombs up on the streets of boston today. clearly with the intent to kill. i'm getting information in now through a person of interest is now in custody. >> cell phone service has been shut down in boston to prevent preem yot detonations now, 100 people are being treated at the hospitals. headed to the state house in boston a military-style dufl
8:56 pm
bag left at the beth israel emergency room. police asking to get people there to check that out. >> i've mention they had have a suspect in their watching. the suspect i've come to learn was injured and bleeding is my understanding in the aftermath of the explosion. a lot of people were not a lot of people, only one to our knowledge has been set aside as a person of interest, under guard being treated in a medical facility undisclosed. >> we still do not know who this d.this or y people shouldn't jump to conclusions before we have facts but make no mistake. we'll get to the bottom of this and we will find out who did this, why they did this. any responsible individuals, any responsible groups will feel the full weight of justice. >> whoever did this for
8:57 pm
whatever reason did so with indon't kill. with the intent to disrupt with the intent to cause fear and that is the definition of terrorism. >> greta: our live dprumpblg boston continues, stay with us. [ male announcer ] extreme power. ultimate savings. get both now at your polaris dealer during the xp sales event. rebates up to $1,000 and financing as low as 2.99% on the world's best powersports li-up. incredible deals on hard-working rangers, smooth-riding sportsmen, and razor-sharp rzrs. hurry to your local polaris dealer for rebates up to $1,000 and financing as low as 2.99% during the polaris xp sales event. but with advair, i'm breathing better. so now i can help make this a great block party.
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>> greta: a day of unthinkable violence near boston. three dead, 130 injured after bombing at the boston marathon two. bombs exploding knocking runners off their feet. smoke billowing from the scene. first responders scrambled to get to the injured and tonight, dozens still in the hospital, many in critical condition. the fbi is now

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